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Allpress (Pty) Ltd specializes in metal pressings. Generally most of our manufacturing is stamped/pressed metal products in steel, stainless steel and aluminum. Our main client base is in South Africa. Our customer base is made up of  large multi-national corporations and smaller local businesses. The company is situated in an industrial area 15km west of  Johannesburg in South Africa.

As part of our automotive range we manufacture anti squeal shims which reduce noise by absorbing vibration and resonance caused during braking. Due to the technology required in the material and there not being any companies able to manufacture the material in South Africa it is imported from Trelleborg Sweden and the shims are then manufactured by ourselves according to customer specification.

Our expertise lies in metal pressing operations in material thicknesses between 0.05mm up to 12mm.
We also do production welding, guillotining and sawing.

As part of our diversification strategy the company has secured sole distribution rights for supplying patented mine safety equipment into Africa.

Due to the company`s own engineering requirements and the subsequent investment in machinery to fulfill these requirements we do have comprehensive experience and  spare capacity to take on outside work in the following areas – general engineering projects, tool making, wire cutting, spark eroding and CNC machining.

We currently supply manufactured goods into the following industries:

  • General metal pressing/stamping(washers,components, deep drawing, forming, chair components, cup washers, clips)
  • Automotive (Metal Pressings for  light and commercial vehicle brake back plates and anti squeal shims)
  • Railways (CNC machined products and brake back plates)
  • Mining (Cable support systems, critical safety equipment, engineering)
  • Ceramic tile industry (Tools, engineering)
  • Chemical industry (Sealing gaskets and washers)

Quotation requests and new product enquiries are gladly accepted.

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